About Buy Cheap Solar

Buycheapsolar.com is a trademark and D.B.A of CSS Solutions LLC based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.


We have been in business since 2005.  We strive for excellence in the Renewable Energy Sector.  For 15 years we have not only developed but also engineered, consulted, and advised on projects as small as 1 solar panel to systems over 30mw.


Our expert advice and knowledge of solar, wind and hydro can and always will help to grow this sector.  We offer low cost solutions to the open public in hopes of expanding solar from a small percentage of clientele to more people, businesses and places around the world.


We help with the development of new inverters, batteries, and solar technologies. We promise to do our absolute best to provide excellent customer service, sales, and support for the products we sell and systems we advise on even when it can be the most challenging of problems.


We have the support and service for this demanding field when others fail to be of any help you can count on us.