We accept returns for up to 30 days from the delivered date for unopened unused undamaged products for a full refund. Return shipping is buyers responsibility.
Goods shipped by truck freight can be returned for up to 45 days from purchase date for unused undamaged items Minus a 20% restocking fee.

Freight is non refundable

Damage is very rare but when it happens:
Goods shipped by UPS must be inspected within 2 days of receipt for damage. Damage must be reported within 3 business days after receipt.
If damage is to occur from items shipped via truck freight damage must be noted on the dock receipt or bill of lading prior to accepting goods. Failure to do so will result in an inability to process your damage claim with the carrier. Please take any pictures of the damage immediately. If you are unable to inspect an item completely for damage at site please mark the bill of lading not inspected for internal damage. This will allow us to provide you with a damage claim in the event there is unseen internal damage to your freight.  We will require you to provide identifying information of the damaged items such as serial numbers of the products damaged, pictures of each item damaged, and a copy of the bill of lading.   If you do not provide this information we can not process your claim and may result in the inability to receive repair or replacement of your damaged goods. This includes pictures of the damage, bill of lading, and serial numbers of the products damaged.  If your item is received damaged we will process the damage claim for you. We will make every attempt to process this quickly and reship, exchange, or refund at our discretion based on inventory availability. *example is you received a solar panel broken but we do not have another panel of the same model in stock. We will give you the option to receive a refund for the one panel or an acceptable alternative model that costs more and you pay the extra cost or costs less and we refund you the difference. *
We strive for excellence at CSS Solutions LLC for the easiest trouble free shipments contact us for any problems via email sales@buycheapsolar.com or via phone 1-775-576-4261 we will do our best to solve any issue that may arise.

Items being returned for warranty repair will be accessed operation when returned for usage, functionality, and visual integrity.  We will test the returned item if it is functioning we can return it to the buyer at buyers expense for shipping or return it to our inventory minus a 15% restocking fee.  If the item is in need of repair.  We may repair the item or replace it for the buyer based on inventory availability.

Be sure to insure your return.  If the item is lost or damaged while in transit to return to buycheapsolar this may cause the return to not be accepted.

Buycheapsolar will evaluate shipping damaged returns on a case by case basis and will make our best effort to reduce any additional burden on the buyer who is returning the item.

After our initial return window has expired the buyer is required to process warranty through the manufacturers warranty following their guidelines as stated in their warranty policy.  If damage is reported after the above deadlines we may not be able to file a damage claim.  If no note is made of damage on the shipping label we may not be able to reimburse for damages of your products.  Please check your products before signing receipt to them.  If you notice any damage to the outside packaging make a note that it could be damaged and has not been inspected for internal damage.