Please type the date you signed the bill of lading at delivery of your goods.
Please type the number of items (example 4) in the box
Please write a one line short description of the problems your having with the your products(s)
Please upload the Bill of lading that you signed at delivery of the goods being claimed. PDF, JPG, PNG, Tiff, HEIF are accepted
Please provide a list of serial numbers from the products 1 Serial number per line
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 50 files.
Please provide at least 1 picture of each serial number you submitted above if the problem is a voltage issue please submit a picture of your voltage meter showing low voltage or low output. For Solar panels submit a picture of the front and back if there is damage. If there is an output issue then a picture of the voltage meter is acceptable.
You will need to hold onto the damaged or non performing products until the claim is closed. This can be up to 90 days in rare cases.
Please provide an address where the goods are located. So that they can be picked up by the manufacturer, or freight company.
Please type the phone number of the person to contact about the claim.
Please provide an Email address for the Claimant to be contacted.