Pre Black Friday Sale!
Super Black Friday Blowout!

We have some great new Solar products for 2020 and are running an
Amazing Promotion on our products to celebrate our new website.

250 watt used solar panels only 50dollar each (full skids for 40usd/panel) Full truckloads for 35usd/panel

255 watt Boviet all black mono solar panels only 100 each

295 watt REC Poly panels black frame only 120 each

40 watt wifi Commercial Street Lights all in one with 1080p nightvision camera only 400usd each

12kw split phase growatt inverters with 120a mppt, 100a battery charger wifi only 1800usd each

3kw stackable split phase growatt inverters with 80a mppt 40a battery charger wifi only 650 each

80A Solar controllers custom built for us From Juta 2 gauge wire connections giant heatsinks all voltage all battery type 12,24,36,48v 65usd each

100′ of pv wire RED/Black with mc4 connectors only 30 bucks. 1000V 12 gauge
RV mounting kits only 30 usd each 100pcs or more only 28usd/pack

10kwh Lithium Powerwalls only 2800usd each Only 140 remaining. These sell fast.

call us at 775-576-4261
or visit our page
All data sheets, pics are on our site as well or I can email them to you.

Scott Stevens